Friday, August 4, 2017

Balay Buhay sa Uma (loosely translates to "Life in a Farm House")

Once in a while, whatever it is we do in life, we require a little peace and quiet.

We look for a temporary get away to bring back some sanity in our lives or to just simply chill...

Beaches and some foreign lands are normally the chosen destinations.

But there are those who simply want to disconnect. To re-charge by being close to nature. Not necessarily to look for new adventures.

A day or two in a farm may be all they need.

Check out the video below if you think that is what you are looking for.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Biggest Infinity Pool in Southern Luzon

Long trips, especially when you bring your own vehicle can be... well, you can supply the adjectives. The choices could range from Exciting to Tiring to Boring, etc...

For someone who has logged hundreds of thousands of kilometers over a period of quite a number of years (come on, you don't really expect me to spill all the beans, do you?) for a millennial - Uhurm! - or someone who thinks like one, long trips are always exciting, to say the least!

But long stretches of roads on a sunny day can be really a challenge.  The temperature could oppressive, sometimes even unbearable despite superb car air-conditioning system and there are times when you take a little detour and cool off or maybe even take a nap in place with refreshing ambiance.

If you ever find yourself in that kind of situation on the way to or from the Bicol Region and you are traveling along Quirino Highway, or Rolando Andaya Highway, depending on how you want to call it  (AH26), an island resort (which does NOT require riding a watercraft of any kind to get there) is practically along the way between the towns of Tagkawayan, Quezon and Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.
Access road to Sta. Rita Island Resort. It claims to have the biggest Infinity Pool in Southern Luzon

It is easy to ignore - if you do not know what awaits you inside.

Check the video below to find out if it is to your liking...

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to avoid traffic in Daraga, Albay on your way to Naga City or Manila

Habits die hard! It's true. And I suppose the explanation is not hard as to why habits die hard. One possible reason is, it comes automatically. As in, you don't require too much effort doing what has already become a habit.

It's like, you don't even have to think about it anymore.

Veteran drivers, for example, immediately step on the brake to slow down the moment they see hazards on the road. No major thought process required.

But sometimes, habits can have unfavorable effects on us. Smoking is one of them. Thus, the government had to legislate and impose a law that bans smoking nationwide.  And this time, it's both in public and private places.

Another habit that, sometimes, could have a not so advantageous result is our choices of the routes we take from one point to another.

There are a lot of possible scenarios why that is so. Delays, bad roads, dangers, etc.

Now, the major road in Daraga, Albay has, for quite a while now becoming a bit too busy for the volume of traffic passing thru them. Especially when there's road repair being done or when there's a stalled vehicle somewhere.

Not to mention the bad habits of some drivers who do not care about other commuters using the same road as they.

It's a good thing the powers that be decided that a bypass road is already necessary and improved on an existing artery and are now exerting efforts to promote it.

You may still, by force of habit, finding your way into the middle of a traffic jam in Daraga, Albay even if you are somewhat aware of an alternate route...

But if you want to make a conscious effort to avoid that traffic and you are just not sure whether you should take the choices being offered, you may want to check the video below to find out.

Safe trip, everyone!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Let's Talk About Money at RN Sorsogon today

People who do not know how to make money work for them will have to keep working for money.

Money is something that people need. There are people who think and talk about nothing else but money, and there are people who do not want to talk about it.

Others talk only about it in jest, like it doesn't matter.

But if you want to somehow advance economically, you cannot avoid talking about it.

In fact, if you want to live a bit more comfortable than you are living now, you need to use quite a bit of your intellect to learn how to properly handle your money.

People who think that the only thing they can do with money is to spend them are the ones who normally do not have enough money to spend.

In a study conducted by the Ateneo De Naga University in the year 2000, they discovered that Fifty percent (50%) of all the household in Region V live below the poverty line.

Of the 81 provinces in the Philippines, Sorsogon is the 20th poorest province.

Maybe it is about time we learn a little more about money.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pres Duterte Installs LP Mayor as Regional Peace and Order Chair

Reg. V Regional Peace and Order Council Chairman - Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal.
 credit goes to the owner of the pic

President Rodrigo Duterte recently appointed Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal as chairman of the Bicol Regional Peace and Order Council, a position normally held by governors.

Mayor Noel Rosal, a political stalwart who ran under the Liberal Party of Presidential Candidate Mar Roxas in the 2016 national elections, was recommended by DILG Secretary Ismael Sueno. The recommendation was approved by the president.

Rosal took over the position from Camarines Norte Governor Edgar Tallado. Tallado was re-elected as chairman of Region V Regional Peace and Order Council about two months ago but he was booted out of office after the Office of the Ombudsman found him guilty of grave misconduct and abuse of authority.

Rosal will serve as Rg. V RPOC chairman until 2019.

This is the first time a mayor was appointed as head of a Regional Peace and Order Council.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

FILIPINO NBA FAN WINS $95,000.00 or Php4.7-M

The Filipino NBA fan who won $95,000.00 by successfully shooting the ball from half-court. Credit to owner of the media

Just want to note a few things here.

That guy was lucky, right? He was lucky he was there when this was about to happen. He was lucky he was chosen to shoot that ball. He was lucky the ball went in.

The question, however, was that pure unadulterated luck?

Some kind of preparations went along with that luck, maybe?

Just askin' :-D

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Typhoon Nina as of 5pm Dec. 25, 2016

We are posting a copy of a screenshot from PAGASA website regarding the status of Typhoon Nina as of 5pm December 25, 2016 as point of reference in case some of our listeners and visitors cannot access Pagasa's website due to a lot of people seeking information.

The Province of Sorsogon is under Storm Signal No. 3 as of this posting.